American Roulette Online Casinos

American Roulette Online Casinos

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Online casinos advertise tons of entertaining and exciting traditional as well as new and unique games. And it is hard to imagine any casino without one of the oldest and the most popular game in the gambling world – roulette. American roulette online casinos offer it as the main course in their menu.

Roulette is a symbol of land-based casinos as well as online casinos. Very often it is called the King of casino games. Roulette is a relatively age-old game that has gone through lots of changes. Any reputable online casino has at least two variations of this popular game: European and American roulette. Some online casinos also offer French roulette.

European roulette and French roulette are the oldest variants of this table game. Both variants have a wheel with 37-numbered pockets: black and red numbers between 1 and 36 plus green Zero. The main difference between European and French variants is that French roulette has special bets, called Call bets. Most online casinos including Grand Parker Casino (US), Slotocash Casino (US), All Star Slots Casino (US), Winner Casino, and Casino UK offer their players European roulette. French variation is not that widespread and can be found at Slotocash Casino.

American roulette appeared a bit later than French and European variations. The main difference is a wheel with 38 slots: again 36 black and red numbers as well as green Zero and double Zero. It offers two additional bets: Zero split – on 0 and 00 - and a Five bet on 5 numbers covering numbers - 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. This variation can be found practically at all the online casinos including such American roulette online casinos as Grand Parker Casino (US), Slotocash Casino (US), All Star Slots Casino (US), Winner Casino, and Casino UK.

Some online casinos, such as Winner Casino, offer to spin the wheel with live dealers, creating thus the atmosphere of land-based casinos with its excitement and thrill. Winner Casino also allows players to play not only at home but anywhere you wish to with mobile version. Players can enjoy favorite casino games playing on their cell phones even on a train or a bus.

Apart from American roulette and other types of this table game American roulette online casinos also offer a great variety of card games, like blackjack, baccarat, and casino poker as well as various table games, like craps and Sic Bo. Besides, players can enjoy all types of slots.

Video poker is a great part of online casino games too. Such online casinos as Grand Parker Casino (US) and Slotocash Casino (US) offer about 20 variations of video poker.

Most online casinos also advertise scratch cards. The most widespread scratch cards, like Lucky 8's, Magic 7's, and Hot Dice can be found at All Star Slots Casino (US), Slotocash Casino (US), and Grand Parker Casino (US).

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